Over 1400 Students Hear of God's Love at Summer Camps

Hundreds of kids—from pre-schoolers to seniors in high school—have enjoyed time this summer at one of 5 different camps Xenos has overseen this year.

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They made memories, deepened their friendships, and  most significantly, experienced God’s love and truth in a deeper way. Camp leaders appreciate the folks who’ve been praying for this work, and point to the many students who say they started a relationship with Christ, as proof that He listened!

Here are a few highlights from the different camps:

Xenos hosted two Renegade camps for kids in low-income neighborhoods, one focusing on music and the other focusing on sports and arts. Both camps included Bible teachings and were structured to emphasize relationships. The camp drew 14 kids who have never attended a Renegade event, and 15 students say they started a relationship with Christ. You can read more about these camps here.

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Blowout Camp is for middle-schoolers and drew 280 students this year. Camp Director Brad DuFault says this is the highest turn-out they’ve ever had, relative to cell group attendance. The camp included challenging Bible teachings, small group discussions, and personal time in the Bible, and Brad says 16 students say they prayed to receive Christ while at camp.  He also says many more made key decisions to follow God in key ways, such as committing to regular involvement in fellowship, reading the Bible on their own, and sharing Christ with their friends.  Brad says it was a great camp for relationships: “This year in particular was especially unified, with students relating in mature ways and building strong friendships everywhere we looked.
For older elementary students TNT Camp offered a missions focus. Nearly 90 kids, including several guests, experienced a taste of the culture and everyday life of folks in Southeast Asia, and learned more about God's concern for all people. Camp Director Caitlin Kleinpaste says at least 2 kids say they prayed to receive Christ.
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For young kids Xenos hosted VBS—Vacation Bible School. 346 kids attended this year—100 of them guests from outside Xenos, including 32 who had never been before. Volunteers report 16 kids saying they prayed to ask Jesus into their hearts. VBS Director Claire Howard says it was amazing to hear that a number of children helped explain the gospel to other children in their small group discussions. She says, “It was super encouraging to see these young kids being spiritually engaged in one another's lives.” She also says a number of parents told her they had seen an increase in their young child’s prayer life and interest in spiritual things.

And the biggest of all the camps, Epic, hosted over 650 high-schoolers for a week in Southern Indiana. During the day the kids had time to hang out with friends and enjoy camp activities like zip-lining and kayaking. And each evening there were Bible teachings taught by Xenos elders and staff, focused this year on God’s plan in human history. At least 27 students prayed to start a relationship with Christ, and Camp Director Brian Adams says many others took new steps of faith in their walk with God and in their relationships. Despite overwhelming heat and humidity, the students had a meaningful AND fun time.

Xenos has a highly engaging student ministry all year long! You can learn more about it at xenos.org/ministries.