Dwell Budget and Giving Update

Giving Update

2023 General Fund (GF)  - Paying for the foundation of the ministry God accomplishes domestically and making possible His kingdom work around-the-world through Dwell. 

As of March 14, 2023

A) Annual Operating Budget (What we have planned to spend for the year) Target set based on Annual Pledge Campaign$ 8,742,300
B) GF Donations Year-to-Date (What has been received from donors so far for year, end-of-year) $ 1,537,020
C) GF Receipts Same Time Last Year (Donations thru the same week last year, end-of-year) $ 1,672,400
2023 General Fund Budget is in the process of being finalized by the Dwell Board-of-Elders and should be adopted by the end of March.

Conclusions for General Fund Year-to-Date:  The Annual General Fund Pledge Campaign provided pledges to cover the proprosed 2023 Base Budget, plus, potentially, part of a staff inflation-based raise.

Debt - We are debt-free! God has provided all of the resources we need for His work and ministry to those in need.

Total Current Debt on All Properties = $-0-

Missions Giving - The largest part of annual growth in Dwell's Missions work funding happens outside of the General Fund. Check out Dwell's Global Partnerships for more on the church's missions work primarily through indigenous movements around the globe, along with the Humanitarian Aid & Development Fund which focuses resources on the poor and at-risk domestically and internationally.