Humanitarian Aid and Development

Our development program exists to develop underprivileged communities by meeting the physical and spiritual needs of members of the community. At Dwell, we deeply believe in the scriptural command to love and care for the poor (Galatians 2:10; Titus 3:14) and we accomplish this through the Humanitarian Aid & Development Fund or HADF. This program is made up of several ministries each with its own funding goals for the year. To ensure that each ministry is fully funded each year, the Missions Division may reallocate excess funds from an over-funded ministry to one that is under-funded. If there are no under-funded projects, then the excess funds will go toward that ministry's balance for future years. 

By donating, donors can have the following assurances:

  • Each ministry demonstrates integrity and has a successful track record.
  • The money will be used responsibly to help fund their work.
  • Every penny donated directly benefits those in need, since Dwell absorbs all administrative costs.
  • Each ministry is involved in meeting people's spiritual AND physical needs.
  • The ministries are sharing the Gospel as a central part of their work.
  • Dwell has a partnership with each group, having personal, on-site knowledge of the work.


Fund Status

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