Global Partnership Fund

The Global Partnership Fund is the primary way in which Dwell financially supports our Global Partners' church networks. The interactive chart below gives the financial status of each of our Global Partners. Dwell has committed to funding multi-year projects for each of these ministries.

In addition to the $761,000 in the Global Partnership Fund, the Dwell General Fund contributes $269,870 to these ministries.

In addition to donating to a specific global partner, donors have the option to give to our undesignated fund. Maintaining an undesignated fund balance is essential for the following reasons:

  • We can direct undesignated money to our partners at the beginning of the calendar year, providing adequate time to raise the necessary funds to operate their ministries throughout the year.
  • Maintaining a balance in the undesignated account allows us to transfer money, if necessary, to our partners. Short-falls can occur throughout the year or at year-end. The undesignated fund enables us to meet these needs without disrupting the ministry.  
  • The undesignated fund gives us the flexibility to respond to new initiatives throughout the year.

Donate to the Global Partnership Fund