Dwell welcomes families with children and has many options to help kid and parents experience God’s truth and strong biblical community. Many home churches have found creative options.

  • Some groups have a house near the meeting location where some parents will care for and even teach the kids. Parents take turns overseeing the children's house.

  • Some members prefer to pay babysitters or send children with family members during meetings.

  • Some home churches have a cooperative arrangement where parents who meet one night watch the kids of parents who meet on a different night. Those parents return the favor on the other night. Kids typically look forward to home church night as their favorite night — when they get to stay over with their friends!

  • Dwell initiated a mobile version of Oasis, our children's program, to help home churches with many children. The Home Oasis Program (HOP) provides onsite childcare at the home church. Parents enjoy their home church gathering while screened and trained workers invest in the children. HOP has facilitated improved outreach efforts with our adult ministry while helping members fully engage in the teaching and fellowship.

    Our data clearly shows that groups utilizing HOP have increased outreach and attendance. Kids learn that they will often have the chance to meet new kids and have a ministry of their own as they welcome their new friends and help to reach the whole family.
  • Dwell has many resources for parents who want to invest in the body of Christ:  class videos on parenting in the 21st Century, a monthly Parenting Meeting, and pertinent papers among others. We know that God has called us to build body life while also being good parents. Home churches become a community where children make friends and share outings, travel, and weekend time together. We've consistently found that families well-rooted in a home church are stable and healthy.