Meet Our Elders: Conrad Hilario

Have you ever wondered who Xenos’ elders are? In starting off the Meet Our Elders series, we were able to learn more about Senior Sphere Leader and Elder, James Rochford. This week, we’re taking a closer look at Conrad Hilario

Conrad Hilario is a Senior Sphere Leader and Elder at Xenos whose life has been entirely transformed by God’s renewing grace and mercy. Conrad first started coming out to Xenos Central Teaching in January 1999 through a Youth for Christ staff member. That same week, he was also invited out to home church and men’s cell group, and has been a part of the community ever since.

The road to Christ was not without hardship. When he was 17 years old, Conrad was arrested, spending 1.5 years in jail. While there, however, God brought him together with the YFC staff member who would soon become a close friend and help lead him into a life-altering relationship with Christ.

Over the years, God’s immense blessing has shaped Conrad’s life in unmistakable ways. When asked what has aided the most in his growth as a believer and church Elder, Conrad replied, “...people seeing past my rough edges and seeing the potential I had in Christ.” He also noted that a high level of equipping, high commitment community and every member ministry are some of the features within Xenos that have made an amazing impact in his life and that of countless fellow believers. “Lots of things have changed [in Xenos] over the years. Two things stick out. First, I’ve seen an emphasis on giving God the credit for the fruit we are seeing in our ministry. Second, it seems like we’ve stopped...comparing ourselves to other churches and have embraced what God has called us to be.”

When he’s not teaching college CT and helping manage a dynamic sphere in our campus ministry, Conrad enjoys spending time with his wife Hilary and their three-year-old son, Julius. He’s also been tuning into House of Cards, Top Chef and Wheeler Dealers.

One book that has made an invaluable impact in Conrad’s walk with Christ is “The Normal Christian Life” by Watchman Nee. If you have yet to read it, our Study Center has copies available to check out!