Elders Accounce Financial Plans during Covid Crisis

After much praying, research, and discussion, Dwell elders have put together their plans for handling the church's financial matters at this time. Here's their statement:

We wanted to make our church aware of steps we are taking at this time related specifically to finances of the church. We need to be prepared for an anticipated impact on donations as a result of this time of economic instability. At the same time, we don't want to overreact or fail to see God's provision for us at this time.

We will be taking a very conservative approach at this point to the budget presented earlier this year and voted on by the FST. Specifically:

  • We will seek to help our staff as a first priority, keeping people working as much as feasible and paid through the next two months in particular. All staff who can work from home are doing that, and limited staff whose work is required on-site at any church facility are all strictly following CDC protocols for safety.
  • Growth in our 2020 budget is frozen. We will not be initiating any of the Strategic Initiatives that were proposed and presented for inclusion in our annual plans.
  • "Black-Ink" items that were approved for spending by the FST will be put on hold at this time.
  • Projects that we had planned for the year, including one's previously approved but not yet underway, are also all put on hold at this point.

We greatly appreciate the generous and sacrificial church we are part of. Those of us who can continue to give robustly should stay the course, even as some of us can no longer do so.

Any or all of these steps can be revisited as our financial picture becomes clearer in the future. 
Thank you for your support, and your witness and service in our communities.