Parenting Meeting

LET'S GET THE BIG PICTURE! Jesus Christ is committed to our family's development. He has a plan and the power to influence family members into becoming more loving — whether a spouse, parent or child.

What is a Parenting Meeting?

Dwell's monthly Parenting Meeting offers practical, Bible-based teachings on different parenting topics. You can ask questions and join in on small discussion groups, as well as enjoy time with other parents. While the teachers come from a Biblical perspective, all viewpoints are welcome.

When is the Parenting Meeting?

Meetings are usually the first Wednesday morning of the month during the school year (Sept - May) at the Dwell Cafe, and childrecare is provided. For more information contact

Where and what time are the Parenting Meetings?

These meetings are held at the Dwell Main Campus Cafe (1394 Community Park Dr., 43229) at 9:30am.