Servant Team

What is it?

The Dwell Servant Team is a group of nearly 700 adults who have taken upon themselves the burden of serving Christ through accomplishing Dwell's mission. Each member has devoted years to training both in the classroom and in the field. Each has a defined ministry role in the church and lives by a code of servitude embodied in the Servant Covenant.

Why have a Servant Team?

The leaders and core of Christian role models in any effective church need to be able to meet together to discuss issues of interest mainly to the committed. Paul says that serving as a Deacon is a privilege reserved for those who have demonstrated reliability in the field of service. While we would not press character and ministry requirements on all in our church, any who wish to join our servant team must demonstrate their suitability to that role. Founding pastor, Dennis McCallum has written a detailed explanation of how our servant team relates to the overall vision.

How does one join?

Joining the Dwell Servant Team is extremely difficult. The requirements for membership include:

  • Maintaining personal times of prayer and Bible study
  • Attending and contributing to a Dwell home fellowship group over a period of years
  • Attending our Central Teachings
  • Joining the Fiscal Support Team (which implies regular substantial giving to the church's general fund) while also supporting Dwell missions and building funds
  • Engaged in ongoing personal discipleship within Dwell
  • Home group leadership, or ministry comparable in scope and caliber to home group leadership
  • Practicing mature management of inter-personal conflict and dissent in the church
  • Living up to the character qualifications for deacons as given in I Timothy 3
  • Attending and participating in servant team functions
  • Completing coursework, including Christian Ministry, Leadership 1 and 3, or equivalents
  • Must be nominated by an existing servant team member, and approved by the Sphere Leader
  • Must agree to complete at least one 5-week class every 2 years
  • Must sign and agree to keep the requirements of the Servant Covenant
  • Must continue to avoid discrediting behavior and cooperate with the annual review process

The Dwell Servant Team is no casual association, like a garden club. It is a high commitment association of dedicated Christian workers - men and women resolved to give their all for Christ. Qualifying for the team normally takes years of work and growth. Yet, even with these restrictions, more members join each month.

Servant Covenant

All members of the Dwell Servant Team have committed to support and abide by the code of servitude detailed in the Servant Covenant, which may be filled out online or may be printed out as either a PDF or Microsoft Word document and physically returned to Sherri Fojas.

If you choose to print the form in order to renew your commitment to the latest covenant, please print, complete, and sign the covenant and return it to:

Sherri Fojas
Dwell Community Church
1340 Community Park Drive
Columbus, OH 43229

Servant Team Renewal

All Servant Team members are required to renew their commitment every 3 years.  Every 3 years, they will need to renew by completing the Servant Team covenant.  For those Servant Team members who aren't home group leaders, they will need to complete this form.

Servant Team Nomination Form

Members of the Servant Team may nominate others to the team. The nomination will be reviewed and discussed by the management team and elders. We recommend notifying the nominee of nomination after approval is complete.

Please review the Servant Covenant and the Qualifications for Deacons before nominating someone to the team.

The nomination may be filled out online, or you may print a PDF version for leaders or non leaders and return it to the address below:

Sherri Fojas
Dwell Community Church
1340 Community Park Drive
Columbus, OH 43229