Xenos Volunteers Support Unique Program for Human Trafficking Victims

By Kathy Sherry, volunteer with Xenos' Freedom ministry

Freedom a la Cart is a local non-profit that provides supportive services to local survivors of human trafficking.  It strives to bring hope to survivors so they can build new lives of freedom and self-sufficiency. Freedom does this by running a catering company that gives women practical job skills and helps them develop a strong work ethic in an environment where they feel safe and experience restoration. We provide women the opportunity to heal, learn, and grow as they prepare for sustainable employment within the community. 

Freedom also partners with CATCH Court, a specialty court docket in Franklin County, where survivors of human trafficking have the opportunity to get treatment for addiction and trauma. Freedom a la Cart organizes lunches for CATCH Court, helps with monthly outings, graduation retreats, provides mentors, and provides support to the CATCH graduates through their butterfly program.

Several volunteers from Xenos have been working with Freedom for years, mentoring survivors, providing meals, and volunteering in the Freedom kitchen. We have also hosted the annual Halloween party at Building X for the past several years. It has been amazing in this ministry to see God glorified through the relationships we have the opportunity to build with these resilient women. I’ve had the privilege of praying with several women in Freedom a la Cart over the years to receive Christ and have brought many out to Xenos CTs.

There are always volunteer opportunities with Freedom, primarily working in the kitchen with the women and helping to provide transportation for survivors to events and meetings on occasion. You can read more about Freedom and these volunteer opportunities on its website: freedomalacart.org.

An immediate need we have is the unique opportunity for MEN to volunteer by helping our Freedom women move. Often the ladies need help moving out of treatment facilities and into their own apartments (often their first on their own!). These can come about rather quickly with limited advance notice so ideally we would love to assemble teams of men that could be mobilized through e-mail when needs arise. These moves typically take place on a Saturday morning and usually involve limited furniture pieces and boxed and bagged personal items. With several men most moves can be completed within 3 hours. 

If you are interested in volunteering and want more information feel free to email Kathy Sherry at ksherry592@gmail.com.