Thousands Enjoy the Xenos Community Festival

An estimated 2,500 people came to the Xenos Community Festival last Saturday, enjoying a day of music, food, games, and the warm welcome of Xenos hospitality.

FestivalMany Xenos regulars say it gave them a way to introduce friends and family to Xenos, and connect them with Xenos ministries and activities. Many in the college ministry brought their parents, and say they came away with encouragement about their involvement, with some even deciding to visit an adult Central Teaching.

A big thanks goes out to the people who made it possible--the over 350 volunteers who smoked meat, flipped burgers, hosted kids games, sold tickets, directed parking, and handled many other activities. 

Fun facts from the event:

  • Believe it or not, this was the first time we have put on this festival!
  • So many kids played the games that volunteers ran out of prizes and had to use candy instead.
  • The Gracehaven silent auction raised $276.
  • Visitors bought over 2,000 plates of food.
  • The people staffing the lemon shake-up stand served so many that they ran out of lemons--over 200 used--and had to send someone out to buy more. 

Watch a video of some highlights at: