Serving from Home Through Prayer: Missions

Through prayer, you can serve even while respecting the governor's order to stay home. For the next few weeks we'll feature some prayer points for different ministries in Dwell. Today, some items from the Missions Division:

During this tumultuous time of lock-downs and limited physical contact, many of our Global Partners around the world will struggle to gather together for fellowship. Not only that, but many of our partners work among some of the poorest people in the world, and this pandemic disease will have the worst effects on the poor. Pray for creativity and resilience in their churches and efforts to serve their communities.

Here are updates and prayer needs from a few of our partners:


  • EthiopoiaPrayer requests: "We recently returned from visiting our partner, Bethel Church, in Ethiopia. It was very encouraging to see their growth in both the house churches and in leadership. Last year, we worked together with the elders of Bethel to formulate a plan for church planting over the next five years. Their leadership in this area has been excellent and they have already made tremendous strides toward their goals. To date there are over 1,000 people attending 57 house churches! During our visit we were also able to help them facilitate a medical clinic in a region where they aim to plant new churches. After the clinic Bethel church followed up with patients and will try to start a home church. This is a really exciting move since the region is relatively unreached, other than a couple of house churches that Bethel has planted nearby. In addition to the clinic, we provided a training seminar for church planters and home church leaders. We covered content from the book of Acts about early church growth. Pray that the home church leaders and church planters would persevere in this trying time and continue strengthening the home churches."
  • Coronavirus Update: There are fewer than a dozen cases reported in Ethiopia, but there is concern the virus could spread quickly and that there are more people infected. Pray for the Kassa family and their health.

Friendship Ministries Cambodia

  • Friendship SchoolPrayer Requests: Pray for all of the national-led ministries that Friendship Ministries oversee. Pray for the families of the children that attend the Friendship School, as they have already closed the school.  Pray that families draw nearer to the Lord during this time. Pray for the many seeds that have been planted at the Bible study recently started at the local Jeans Factory.
  • Coronavirus Update: Due to increasing global travel restrictions, the Barsons have moved up the timeframe for their home visit that was scheduled for the summer. They have now safely arrived in the US. Pray for the Geslers as they remain in Kampong Cham during this time.

Beraka Church Haiti

  • HaitiPrayer Requests: Haiti will likely be among the countries most devastated by Coronavirus. The biggest problem is that there is no work for teachers, factory workers, etc. and even the big trucks and taxis cannot operate, according to the authorities. The economic problem is going to get worse, and food will likely become scarce. Because of this, they are asking each pastor to pray and take action on behalf of their people. Please pray for Beraka church and all the people throughout Haiti; things are going to  get more difficult, many products have already started becoming more expensive.
  • Coronavirus Update: The Haitian government has banned all church meetings, closed schools, universities and all other gatherings of more than 10 people. So Beraka church has met with all of their pastors and leaders to take the following measures during this time. They plan to continue to meet as house churches in groups of 10 or less, and all people need to keep a distance of 1.5 meters. They will do church services on Sunday morning by broadcasting on Radio Lumière, so that people can listen in their homes. The pastors and church planters will talk to their members and pray with them by telephone.

Côte d' Ivoire:

  • Ivory CoastPrayer Requests: Pray for the church planters as they plan to visit the house churches to encourage and coach them at this time. Through the Global Partnership Fund, Dwell was able to provide new motorcycles for these leaders to be able to travel out to the home churches throughout the region.  Pray for the leadership of this movement in this time of turmoil. Our partners have lots of people coming to faith, but not enough leaders to keep up, pray for more leaders!  
  • Coronavirus Update:The government has taken steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Churches, mosques and any other gathering are prohibited. Many churches throughout Côte d’ Ivoire are affected by this government decision. But, our partners recently wrote to us saying that they are thankful to God for our partnership and for this house church strategy that we have helped them implement. This strategy will help a lot in this time when large church gatherings are prohibited. They will proceed to gather in the house churches to share teachings and pray.

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