Please Pray for Xenos Partners in Haiti

By Dave Glover, Xenos Mission Division Coordinator

Over the last few months, turmoil in Haiti has been escalating, and they are now in a real crisis. Roads are blocked by fires and armed criminals, and hospitals are shutting down, people are afraid to leave their homes, they are hungry and losing hope.

The church in Haiti is not exempt from this extreme suffering either. Many people are unable to travel to work or get proper nutrition. They have had a tough time being able to meet for home church since many people cannot go out after 5 pm.

Our partners at Beraka church wrote to us, saying, “In this difficult moment that we are living in Haiti today, I must put great emphasis on perseverance in prayer in our church and reinforcement for the house churches… The house churches are not operating well, and there is much discouragement, traumatization, and hunger that is keeping people from persevering. We need consolation and encouragement."

At the end of their correspondence to us, they affirmed that “God has not abandoned us. The Haitian church is strong, and the Lord is still at work, but they desperately need support and comfort. Please pray for them! Pray for peace in the country, for the home churches to meet, for the electricity to come back to the church so they can have their evening meetings.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for our brothers and sisters.