Opening Doors Through Hosting

Hosting a high school home church means opening your doors to teenagers, often a lot of teenagers. Dave and Anne Durell host a high school group at their home and it’s created a buzz in their neighborhood. It’s amazing how God is using hosting a high school home church to open up relationships with other adults.

 “My husband and I have the privilege of hosting a high school home church in our home,” Anne says. “The college leaders do all of the work and have been very respectful of our home. So many kids have come to Christ and it’s great to be a small part of that.” The home church has grown so much that it recently planted another group on the east side.

“As an added benefit,” Anne continues, “a neighbor asked what was happening on our home on Sunday nights. She enjoyed watching the students having such a wonderful time. I explained that it was a high school Bible study led by college kids from our church and she was enchanted. A few weeks later I heard another neighbor bragging about our home being used for a Bible study Sunday nights.”

Since then, two more neighbors have asked and the Durell’s have been able to talk to them about how their home is being used. Pray that Christ would continue to open doors for the Durell’s to speak with their neighbors.

Mae Anderson is the senior leader of the high school home church and adds “The Durell’s have been so generous. Dozens of kids have prayed to receive Christ in their house! They pray for us and host various outreach events. Last year, they co-hosted a summer cookout for several high school groups and the gospel was given to around 100 high school students.”

 “That was the first night that Helena came out to something,” Mae said. “A few months later, I prayed with Helena in the Durell’s basement and she received Christ. Now, I meet with Helena every week and study the Bible with her. She gave her testimony at our harvest meeting and cited the time she prayed in the Durell’s basement as a life changing moment.”

Are you ready to have your home be used to give a life changing, eternity altering moment to high schoolers? Contact Brian Adams ( if you’d like to host a high school home church.