New Grief Workshop Starts January 20th

The Dwell Grief Ministry is offering its Navigating Your Grief workshop starting January 20th. It's a 6-week version of the workshop, modified for the Zoom format. It will be from 7:00-8:30 pm for 6 consecutive Wednesdays. Each week, there'll be a 10-15 minute video, followed by group discussion. 

This workshop is beneficial for anyone dealing with grief--those who have had a recent loss and those with a loss in the remote past; for those who have experienced an unexpected loss and those whose loss was after an extended illness; and for those who have a strong faith in God and those who are confused about their faith.  

Here is a brief summary of what will be covered.

  • WEEK 1: What Is “Normal” In Grief?  Dealing with the intense emotions, the significant life changes, and the many practical considerations that accompany the death of a loved one, can make us feel overwhelmed and uncertain about our future. We may feel numb, brokenhearted, confused, and/or anxious. Is there a “normal” way to grieve? 
  • WEEK 2: How Will Grief Affect Me?  In response to a loss, we may feel a multitude of strong emotions. Our feelings of loss and sadness can leave us fatigued, and unable to think clearly. Our faith in God can be challenged. Are there ways to lessen the impact of grief?
  • WEEK 3: What Should I Expect Of Others?  Many times the people we think will help the most are strangely absent. Often, friends have good intentions, but don’t know exactly what to do or say.  How should we respond to insensitive friends who avoid us, and overzealous friends who want to “fix” us?
  • WEEK 4: Why Do Bad Things Happen?  Following God doesn’t always take our lives in the direction we want. Often, instead of wrestling with God to come to a point of understanding, we make the mistake of not wrestling at all, ending up with faulty theology. How do we make sense of our bad circumstances? 
  • WEEK 5: Why Do I Still Experience Anger, Guilt, And Regrets? We may feel guilty for being relieved that our loved one is no longer suffering. We might even feel angry at our loved one, disappointed in God, and/or resentful toward the doctors who provided treatment. What is a Biblical response in these situations?
  • WEEK 6: How Do I Know If I Am Making Progress?  Our society places enormous pressure on us to get over loss, to get through the grief, and to move on with our lives. How long it takes can differ from person to person. So how do we know if we are “stuck” in grief or moving forward?

Please encourage anyone who would benefit from this workshop to attend.  Here are some comments from participants of past grief workshops:

  • After my father’s death, I went through the most painful year of my life. The grief group meetings were the highlight of my week. I loved the fellowship and just being with people who knew what I was going through. I pray that more people will use the grief classes to help them through their grief.” — Karli Alger
  • “The grief ministry helped me to feel normal about the things I was going through. It enabled me to work on my grief instead of stuffing it down. It reignited my prayer life. It lead me to meet wonderful people who were experiencing similar things. All of the facilitators were extremely humble and genuine and communicated God’s love with patience and compassion.” — Kat Nielsen-Mayer
  • “I loved how insightful and God-centered the grief program was. It helped me address many aspects of my grief with God. I greatly enjoyed breaking into small groups and connecting with others.” — Andrew Pugh 
  • “The videos and workbook provided information and scripture that helped me move past my difficulties. They deepened my understanding of other passages and helped me see how to apply them to my grief.” — Sean Pusey
  • “The videos helped me understand what I’m going through better (including physical symptoms), as well as learning how to deal with grief in my daily life. It was very practical.” — Celene Burt 

Email to register or obtain more information.