New Class on Making Your Ministry House Great

There's a new class starting soon designed to help those living in a ministry house create a great ministry house--one that is welcoming, unified, and makes a difference in the lives of both residents and outsiders.

ClassThe 3-week class, Life Together—Being Part of a Great Ministry House, will offer strategies for developing a strong vision for your house, along with strategies for promoting that vision. It will also cover common problems and situations people in ministry houses encounter. Conrad Hilario and John Ross will lead online teachings, with questions available for house members to discuss together afterward.

John says it’s an exciting subject to consider. “Dwell ministry houses are a key wineskin God uses to make our church vibrant and unique. We want to offer as much training as possible for leaders and members to make their houses as good as they can be.” He says the class will also be helpful to high school seniors and others who are considering moving into a ministry house. John says it’ll help them think through what the Bible says about deep, loving fellowship and how a ministry house can help make that happen.

The class starts May 27th, and is free--no registration required. There’ll be more information coming soon about how to participate.