New Class Addresses Issue of Male Passivity

Xenos is offering a new class starting this month addressing a difficult cultural trend. “Leading Passive Men” will look at the root causes of passivity--what is keeping men from taking the initiative to love.

PassivityDoug O’Malley is teaching the 4 week class. “I hope that people come away from the class with a clearer perspective on why certain things cause men to be passive,” Doug says. “Also, I want people to leave with some helpful tips for motivating men who are stuck in either their discipleship ministry, home church leadership, or personal relationships.”

Doug says the class will examine the issue both theologically and sociologically. And he says they’ll look at some mentalities to address and some practical ideas for helping men. “There will be advice that's tailored towards specific ages—like the way you'd motivate an 18-year-old boy to build a discipleship ministry is different than the way you'd motivate a 40-year-old to love his wife.”

He says he first taught the subject at the 2018 Xenos Summer Institute, and it resonated with people. At the prompting of Xenos elder Conrad Hilario, Doug expanded his research and material for this 4 week class.

Doug says the class will be aimed at helping people who are already discipling and leading guys who are having a problem initiating servant love. “But I think the class would also be beneficial from people who are not discipling yet. It'll be taught from the perspective of how to help someone else become an initiator, rather than remaining passive.”

Doug adds that this focus on men is important and proper. “In the Bible, men are used by God to do great things. More and more men in our culture are struggling. I hope that our church continues to develop godly men who are used by God to do supernatural things.”