Missionary Spotlight: Exciting News from the Kassas in Ethiopia

from Lou Kassa

We have been praying for an opportunity to make an inroad at a local university. In Ethiopia, college students receive their education for free. However, upon graduation they are assigned to a small town or village where they start their career. If students are won in college, trained in evangelism, discipleship and church planting a powerful workforce will be released throughout Northern Ethiopia.

We had our first opportunity to engage university students on a large scale. We were invited to speak to a Christian student group last weekend. On Friday evening, I spoke to approximately 150 students on "The Way of the Lord" and challenged the students to increasingly learn the way of the Lord, choose to walk in it, and develop a lifestyle of service and mission. 

On Saturday, I presented a vision for home church and personal ministry to 50 student leaders. The topic was "Rethinking the Church". I contrasted a home church with a mega-church structure. This was the first time many had ever heard about home church ministry and planting home churches in rural areas.

We were amazed at how timely our training was for these students. Almost all of them stated they were praying and wondering about their Christian life and ministry after graduation. Since most of them are trained in a health care field, they will be assigned by the government to work in small towns and villages throughout the North. They told us they were worried that they will not find churches in those places. When they heard about our strategy where they can be used by God to plant home churches wherever they are, they were excited and thanking God.

One medical student approached me during a break. She told me that she and five other medical students have made a commitment to stay and work in Northern Ethiopia to help reach the area. They have been getting together and praying, but they did not know how to proceed. She said our presentation and vision was an answer to their prayers.

Several students asked us to train them as rural home church planters before they graduate. We will be working out how to train and mobilize these and other groups in the near future.

God has answered our prayers in a specific way and to Him belongs all the honor and glory! Please join us in thanking God and pray for open doors in other universities in our area.

For more information about Lou and Genet Kassa, please visit dwellcc.org/missions/globalpartners/ethiopia