Meet Sphere Leader Kate Mizelle

The Xenos Servant Team has approved Sphere Leader Kate Mizelle as a Xenos elder. Get to know Kate, and how God has worked in her life through the years:

Kate and Tommy MizelleWhen and how did you come to Christ?
I understood what Jesus did for me in elementary school at Calumet and through conversations with my parents. I think I knew I wasn’t a perfect person and needed forgiveness directly from God. I continued attending Xenos, but throughout high school, I was self-centered and not that interested in spiritual things. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I really surrendered my life to Christ. Realizing that God’s grace didn’t just mean forgiveness but a completely new identity was life changing for me.

What do you love about Xenos?
I love that this is a church centered on the Word and discipleship. I’m really grateful that we take Biblical commands seriously to equip people to be able to study the Bible on their own and help them learn how to apply Biblical truths through discipleship. Discipleship has been the most challenging and gratifying thing that I’ve gotten to be a part of in serving God. It’s sweet to see that Xenos places such a high value on discipleship because Christ made it clear that’s how he wants to reach the lost.

How did you become a sphere leader?
Well, the simplest answer is God's plan. Certainly not my own. I actually never wanted to be a sphere leader or work for the church. Growing up and throughout college I had plans to go into the medical field and have my own career. Throughout college, I felt God challenging me about my will versus His will. Towards the end of college, God made it clear that He might have different plans for me.
In 2014, I was asked to come on to train to teach LTC and coach some home groups. Since then I have been teaching classes, coaching groups, and getting a Master's Degree through Trinity.
This has been an interesting time for me to see God teach me new things about His character and the joyful life He wants for us. I was asked about sphere leadership in the fall of 2017 and though initially hesitant, I had to reflect on how God has always demonstrated His faithfulness and goodness to me and the superiority of His plan versus my own. My husband and I both agreed that this seemed like something God was calling for. Even though this was never my plan, I love what I’m doing. I’m so glad I went along with God’s direction because He's shown me how much greater His plans are.

What is exciting/interesting about leading a sphere?
I really enjoy getting to interact with leaders of lots of different home churches. Leading a sphere that spans high school, college, and adult ministry has allowed me to see the issues that believers of all ages are facing and how Biblical principles ring true and apply to all generations.

What are some challenges you see in your sphere or at Xenos as a whole?
As leadership is changing, we are going to have to be diligent to preserve trust and unity. We will have to continue to look for ways to build trust with one another, but also fight to maintain the unity that God has given us in the body of Christ. This is a prime time for all of us to see our part in fighting for this in a period of transition.

What book(s) are you reading?
I'm working on Eric Metaxas' Martin Luther biography and it's been awesome! Thank God for using this fiery dude who loved grace and the Word. I also just finished The Billion Dollar Spy which is a non-fiction book about espionage during the Cold War narrating the events surrounding probably the most valuable spy in US history - pretty interesting!

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I like going to workout classes, especially hip hop fitness. I also like taking my dog on walks or going to the dog park. My husband and I love trying new restaurants and IPAs.