Meet the Elders: Bret McCallum

From time to time, we offer a closer look at one of the Xenos elders. This time we highlight Bret McCallum.

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Bret is the newest Xenos elder and is also a senior sphere leader in the college ministry. As the son of one of the founders of Xenos, Dennis McCallum, he grew up in the church. But what’s kept him here? Bret says one of the main things is great friendships. “They hooked me early on, and to this day it’s still great to enjoy deeper and deeper friendships.” 

He says an early experience engaged him with a lifelong appreciation for ministry. “When I was in high school I remember playing a role in leading one of my friends to Christ. The experience gave me a vision for how valuable my life could be if I used it to help save other people.”

As a leader in the college and high school ministry, Bret has looked into many churches’ student groups. He says Xenos has the best student ministry he’s seen, with top-notch equipping and discipling, and the sense that every member can make an important contribution.  He also appreciates the deep sense of community at Xenos.

As for weaknesses, Bret says sometimes folks in Xenos have a short-sighted perspective. “Although our church is made up of sinful men and women, it’s easy to forget how good our church is compared to a lot of other churches out there.”

Bret’s favorite experience at Xenos is personal—“It’s meeting my wife Gloria, and being able to plant home churches with her, and raise up disciples together.” They just celebrated their 12th anniversary, and have two sons. He says he enjoys taking nature walks with his family.

Also in his free time Bret likes to watch and play basketball and is a die-hard fan of the Browns, the Cavs, and the Buckeyes. He’s part of the Horror Movie Brotherhood, listens to many kinds of music, and likes going to punk shows with friends. He says he’s a beer snob, and an unsuccessful fisherman.