Main Office Renovation to Bring Leaders' Offices Together

If you visit Xenos’ main office you’ll notice a lot of construction going on in the old office auditorium. The space is being renovated to house office space to bring together Xenos' pastoral senior leadership. 

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With growth in the leadership staff of Xenos since the office first opened in November 1996, Senior Pastor Ryan Lowery says the current office arrangement could no longer accommodate all of our top leaders. Currently many of these full-time leaders don’t have office space, causing them to seek out work space wherever they can find it, mostly at other venues. This arrangement has made it difficult for leaders across different spheres and age groups to collaborate, and has made it hard for teachers to prepare on-site.

The new space will provide enough space to house current top-level leadership and allow for growth, following our ethic of housing 2-3 staff members per office space. There'll be a reception area for visitors after they check in at the main office reception desk. There will be a conference room for larger meetings and a place to meet with visitors, for which there is currently no designated space. There will also be a large common room furnished to provide collaboration space along with a small kitchen area.

Ryan says the value of the new arrangement goes beyond just desks and chairs. He says it will allow leaders to comprehensively care for all people who call Xenos home. “We're excited to have our student and adult sphere leaders sharing a common space,” Ryan says. “This will help foster unity and our overall vision for cooperation on pastoral care of families.”

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Another big-picture benefit of the renovation is its potential impact on Bible teaching. Senior Pastor Conrad Hilario says, “For years many of our top leaders have had to study off-site in order to be able to study and prepare for teachings without interruption. Our goal is to improve our productivity by having a more private area, conducive to shaping focused teachings.”  

The renovation has displaced several groups that have used the office auditorium for their meetings, including Access, Never Alone, and other users who have enjoyed the intimate but large auditorium. They're in temporary space now, but not for long. Operations Coordinator Steve Bauer says those meetings and other uses will be moved into a great new space in the lower level of the office building. That space used to house the Study Center, which moved to the Oakland Park/Warehouse location last month.  

Steve says the new Office Auditorium on the lower level will be available in July. It will feature a ADA compliant sidewalk from the parking area, with enhanced lighting and new outdoor seating areas. Inside adjustable lighting will provide for both intimate and larger meeting needs. A sound system will be available as needed. A fireplace will help set a cozy feel when appropriate and new carpet and paint will provide an inviting setting for all uses. Finally, a kitchenette far better equipped than the old one upstairs will improve users’ ability to serve food and clean-up after meetings. “We will take a nice step forward in provision of enhanced ministry space as part of this project. We’re excited about that along with the consolidated offices this effort will address," Steve shares.

And one of the best features of this project is that God provided funding for the work without any funding campaign needed. By doing a good deal of the work with Facility staff and hiring a general contractor under good terms, we minimized costs. The entire effort has been funded from cash reserves--money in the bank from the generosity of donors in past years along with frugal under-spending last year in particular.