Leadership in High School Ministry: Your Questions Answered

High school ministry has been growing and it’s great to see groups raising up new leaders, planting and reaching the lost! Bret McCallum, one of the high school sphere leaders, says, “The work that we’re doing right now in the high school ministry is some of the most important work I will do in my life and many of our leaders feel the same way.”

How do leaders get selected?

We don’t just accept anyone who says they are interested. Bret reports, “Just ten years ago, we had a much harder time convincing people to step into high school group leadership roles. Now, thanks to the tremendous growth in the college group, there are many college groups who want to be involved in high school ministry. We are able to be very selective and choose the best possible candidates.”

According to Bret, student sphere leaders and high school group leadership teams discuss what leadership needs there are and what they see coming up. College leaders are approached for their best recommendations on potential high school group leaders. After a list of potential candidates is compiled, college and high school group leaders meet to discuss the top potential leaders and make a selection.

How are leaders overseen?

Every high school home church has to submit detailed information about their group every week. The senior leader of the high school home group reports in each week and the sphere team of coaches read through it.

Each high school home group also has a coach. Each coach oversees a few groups and meets regularly with the leaders. Coaches spend time thinking about the group and praying about it. The sphere leadership team meets regularly for debriefing and conferral. They discuss each high school group including who needs encouragement, potential needs and how to address problematic issues.

College group leaders oversee their high school workers and regularly check in. All high school workers are being discipled regularly. “We’ve been working to improve coaching,” Bret says, “Someone is checking in with high school workers to find out how their teaching is coming along, how their disciples are doing, etc.”

What if there’s a bad leader?

“If someone is disqualified due to sin, or if they’re a poor leader, we will remove them from leadership of their high school group. This doesn’t happen as often as it did in the past because we’ve been able to be more selective in choosing leaders, but it does happen,” asserts Bret.

Have more questions about high school home group leadership? Check out their updated webpages at this link. You can also email highschool@dwellcc.org or submit a comment below.