Join Us in Cleaning Up Campus 8/8 and 8/15

The City of Columbus has asked for our help with the annual OSU campus move-out. 

On two Saturdays, August 8 and 15, Dwell members are invited to volunteer to help clean up from 9 am until 11 am.

To avoid large crowds, there will be a 30-minute window, between 8:30 and 9 am, for volunteers to arrive at 4th Street (1934 N Fourth, 43201) to pick up tools and get further instructions. 

The City of Columbus will provide trash pickers, gloves and trash bags. Dwell will provide water and PowerAde for volunteers.

Because of COVID-19, people need to wear a mask and practice social distancing during the cleanup. If you have a fever or feel ill on the day of the cleanup, you need to stay home.

Spheres have been assigned days for clean up and we need volunteers to RSVP. We're hoping to get 200 volunteers each weekend. Feel free to invite a friend or neighbor and use the links to RSVP for them as well.

August 8 – Kate/Conrad, Foust and Woods Spheres

Sign Up to Volunteer - 

August 15 – Runk/Lowery and Sullivan Spheres


More Details

The goal is to clear all trash and debris in front of the garbage cans in the alley and place them in any available garbage can.  The biggest issue is that the dumpsters and garbage cans get blocked by this debris, and the trucks can’t empty access them. 

Secondary Goal - if you finish filling the trash cans and providing access to them please consider picking up the smaller litter in the alley.  Hit the streets as well and pick up any and all trash.  


City’s Assistance: 

Bulk Pick Up - The City will be doing bulk pick up that same day to please be aware of the trucks.  

  • Trash Empty - They will empty the trash cans as well but if it's full put the trash in the next available can.  

  • Equipment - The City is providing us with gloves, pickers, and bags, in order to aid us during clean up.   

  • Maps - The City has mapped out all the alleys that are the worst offenders and highest density, so we can impact the areas with the greatest need. 


    Bulk Items: 

    We should not be moving bulk items.  There should be plenty of smaller items to throw in the dumpsters.  If you do happen to move bulk items please make sure to wash/dry your clothes when you return home and keep those clothes in the dryer for an extra 30 minutes.  Bedbugs don’t survive that kind of heat.  



    Any child can pick up trash with adult supervision, but there will NOT be Oasis care this year.  


    Non-Litter Picker Volunteers: 

    If you can’t pick up litter, no problem we will see you next year when we are back up to full scale.  



    4th Street Cafe (1934 N Fourth, 43201)


    Parking on Campus: 

    Be smart about looking at parking permit areas.  You can also just leave your car at 4th street and get the extra walking miles.  



    8:30 - 9:00 AM      Arrive and gather tools          

    9:00 AM                Depart to your area.                            

    11:00 PM              Return to 4th Street/Drop off equipment     


    All Are Welcome: 

    Please feel free to invite anyone you would like to help us out.