Home Churches Find Creative Ways to Connect

Makers HC
Maker's 46's Home Church meeting

Xenos is a church that thrives on frequent fellowship, face-to-face. With restrictions on gatherings, home churches are finding ways to not only stay in touch, but also to study the Bible, pray, and share time together.

Many groups are using virtual meeting resources--Google Meet, Zoom, Webex--to hold "gatherings" from their computers and mobile devices. These groups are using this technology to watch teachings together and pray together. They're discussing service opportunities, and offering encouragement. Leaders are using it to make plans for their home church. And people are also enjoying time talking together, discussing the unique challenges they are facing in their homes.

High school home church
Moonbase high school group meets

Bolain Home Church member Dave Rich says getting together like this was a welcome alternative to not connecting. His group met online twice this week and says it was great to reconnect. "There were some technical challenges, but even working through those as a group was fun."

Diana Slayton's home group also met online this week. "We prayed together, laughed together, and discussed how to be lights during this time. It was an awesome way to being cautious and concerned yet not fearful! Super encouraging!"

These virtual meetings cut across all age groups in Xenos, with people from junior high, high school, college, and adult groups trying to make the most of a tough situation.

If your group is unclear how to arrange these meetings, your leaders can discuss it with Xenos Staff.