Harambee Christian School Celebrates 20 Years!

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On Saturday, May 13, more than 350 adults and youth attended a celebration of Harambee Christian School's 20th Anniversary. The carnival-themed event included a bounce house and dunk tank, as well as caricatures, face-painting, cupcake decorating, a magician and hip-hop dancing. Volunteers grilled and served the food. And parents who were interested in learning more about the school took tours of the facility.

A special plaque was awarded to Executive Director & Principal, Alex Steinman, for his 20 years of leadership and excellence.

Sherri Fojas and Tess Meeker provided the behind-the-scenes event planning and coordination. Many volunteers from Xenos came together to make this event an overwhelming success. Special thanks to the following home churches that served together throughout the day to provide food and activities:

Maxwell - Watkins
Dacunha - Gardner
Haring - Spinks
Campbell - Haring
Stouffer - Barker
Zimmerman - Bennett

The staff of Urban Concern & Harambee Christian School extend our deepest thanks to our Xenos community and leadership for their invaluable partnership in the ministry over the past two decades. We look forward to another 20 years of partnering together to help Columbus' inner city youth overcome challenges and thrive in the body of Christ!​​