"Getting Grounded" Class Offers Doable Step Toward Greater Learning

John Ross will be teaching the Getting Grounded class starting February 22nd. John shares his thoughts on the class, and what he hopes to accomplish through it:

Getting GroundedSomething amazing and supernatural happens when a young believer starts to connect with God through the means of growth. It's like an amp getting plugged into an electrical outlet. Getting Grounded offers a quick-hit introduction to the means of growth, helping the young believer get familiar with the ways God grows our faith. Our church offers amazing classes for workers who want high-level equipping. Those aren't going anywhere. In my mind, this class is a stepping stone to prepare people for more advanced materials, possibly the first stage in a life of spiritual learning. The content is lean and straightforward, with a lot of group discussion, so people can share their experiences and insights from the Lord. 

One of the coolest things about the first run was seeing people from home churches take the class together, using the morning as another time of fellowship. Established believers were taking the class as a refresher alongside younger members, then heading out as a crew for brunch. There's so much opportunity with a quick, low-impact class like this. 

You can get more information and register at dwellcc.org/learning/classes.