Dwell Hosts New Police Fellowship Group

With the help and support of Dwell leadership, some members of Dwell have started a local chapter of the national group, Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers (FCPO). Through the group members of law enforcement enjoy regular time together, encouraging each other to see a relationship with Christ as the key to dealing with the stresses they experience through their jobs.

Dwell member Del Allen is retired from the Columbus Police Department and is the chairman of the group. He says they welcome any officer, regardless of background or religious experience, seeking to build friendships and find ways to serve other officers as well as the community. He says they’re committed to sharing the hope of eternal life, lifting one another up, and learning to be imitators of Christ

Dwell elder Brian Runk helped organize this local chapter, and says it responds to critical needs for those in law enforcement. “Police officers have one of the most difficult jobs that's incredibly taxing. The strain on marriage and even mental health can often be quite serious, and they need all the support they can get. But much as they need that support, many officers lack opportunities to find involvement in church because of their difficult schedules.”

Brian says the officers involved in the group hope to give fellow officers hope and stability that only God can provide. “Helping officers know Jesus Christ gives them the ultimate security they need and an even stronger foundation for serving others and being peacemakers.”

If you know someone in law enforcement, Brian encourages you to let them know about this local FCPO group. "Don’t hesitate to reach out to us--If they’re looking to connect socially and spiritually in a meaningful platform this may be it!. Pray that God will lead us to good works that bring Him glory.”

You can connect with Brian at runkb@dwellcc.org or Del at delallen@outlook.com.