Cell Group Activities


This is a selection of activity ideas that you can plan for your cell group.

Do you have any great activity ideas? Please email them to us!

Service Projects:

Buckeye Necklace Charity: Collect buckeyes and use cord with red and grey beads to make buckeye necklaces. Sell your necklaces at a game, CT or local grocery store (check with managers before setting up) to raise money for a chosen charity.

Visit a Nursing Home: Arrange with a local nursing home to come and assist the staff or visit with the residents. You could go all out and plan a craft (making fleece blankets or decorating picture frames) or a performance!

Volunteer at a Local Animal Shelter: Offer your groups services to help clean and maintain a local humane society.

Donate Food to a Local Food Bank: Divide your group into carloads. Each carload of students starts with a given sum of money. They go to a grocery store and buy as much nonperishable food as they can. Afterwards see which group did the best job and got the most food for their money. Prearrange to donate the food at a local shelter so the students can see where their service is going.

Canned Food Drive: Distribute flyers a week before the collection day explaining who you are and where any non-perishable items will be going (local food banks usually advertize the most needed items on their websites). Go door-to-door to collect items then deliver them to the food bank. If possible pre-arrange to help stock or tour the facility together.


Fun and Fellowship:

Car Tag:
1. Select a home base that is accessible from multiple locations.
2. Round 1- Team A piles in car(s) and get's dropped off at a location within a 1/3 mile radius of home base. Their job is to make it back to base on foot without being tagged. Meanwhile, team B waits at home base until the empty cars return. At that time, they pile into cars and go seeking members of team A. If team B spots a member of team A, they pile out of the car and run on foot to tag the member of Team A. Each person from Team A who makes it back to base without being tagged gets a point for their team.
3. Other rules- Those trying to make it back to base on foot must travel in pairs as a minimum... so that no kids have to travel alone. They can go in larger groups if they want, just no kids alone. Also, consider putting a time limit on the offensive team. For instance, communicate to the students that they must  make their way back to base within 10-15 minutes or else they are disqualifed. This keeps the game moving along. Some kids like to hang out and hide for 30 minutes which makes for a long boring game.
4. Round 2- The same rules, but team B gets to go out and hide and try to score. 

Go to building X- Our youth facility is open to all Jr. High cell group on Friday night. You just need to get a key from Sarah Parrott. The only exception is that the 1st Friday of the month can be reserved for one cell group exclusively.

Dollar Movies- If you catch an early show, like 7:00pm at the dollar movies you can do a teaching after the movies. At the Carriage Place there is a Burger King next door with a private conference room that has nice leather chairs. You can reserve the room for free!

Winter swimming at an indoor pool or community center

Wal-Mart scavenger hunt – break them into small group (2-3) and give a list of things then need to get a pictures of (item, poses, pictures with people, doing silly things,. est.). Gather back together and share photos and vote to see who did the best.

 Beanie Baby Baseball: Take a couple of plastic-bean filled stuffed animals.  Rip out about every other or every 3rd stitch to weaken the critter. Use a REALLY BIG plastic bat (so the less athletically inclined have a decent chance). Rules—Usual baseball rules except:

-          Field is much smaller (stuffed things don’t fly too well)

-          You can tag a runner out by throwing the animal and hitting the runner

-          If you explode (umpire’s discretion) the animal with a hit it’s an automatic home run

(The important thing is the pre-game stitching sabatoge.  These things are TOUGH.  If you don’t cut the strings ahead of time you can smack one all night and it won’t bust.

Thrift store fashion show- Take the girls cell group to the thrift store, and break up into teams. Have them shop for the most "tacky" outfit to make up one girl.  Do a runway show with music and had everyone vote on the "tackiest" and the winner won a small prize. Lots of fun! (Or, you can  have everyone buys clothes and participate.) Take pictures and make a cell group calendar for the following year!

Creating commercials- Break students into small groups and have them create commercials. (you can do a specific topic or theme like infomercial, food, dating, est.) Come together and have everyone watch the hilarious video they made!

Night of Destruction- Have students bring old item that can be destroyed (old computer, phone, stereo, chair). Lay out a tarp for easier clean up. Provide sledge hammer and/or baseball bat. Make sure to provide safety goggles and facilitate orderly turn taking.  

Bigger, Better, Best: Start with a small, insignificant item (a can of pop, a ball point pen) and go around the neighborhood asking people to trade the item for something "bigger or better". Repeat this process multiple times. After a predetermined amount of time, meet again to vote on which team ended up with the "best" thing.

Photo Scavenger Hunt: Prepare a list of funny photos for the teams to orchestrate. Make these scary, embarrassing, and legal. Such as: Get a picture of your team with a fireman or policeman; The whole team in a phone booth... Divide the group into carloads, making sure that each car has a camera (digital works best) and go out and get the pictures that fulfill the photo list. Meet up at a fast-food restaurant at a designated time. You could set up judges to see which group has the best pictures for each category, although the winners/losers will remain secondary to the memories that can be created. If you do this with the sixth graders, you will have silly pictures of them, which you can use to honor them when they graduate to the high school group. This can also be a seasonal activity! For Christmas add things to list like a manger with baby Jesus, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, a gingerbread house or most outrageously lit house.

Food Fear Factor Game: Form group into 2 teams. Choose a creative name for each team. One leader prepares the food items behind a barrier so kids can't see what is being put on plates, another leads the game. Ask each team to send up a student who wants to go first (each student will get a turn or two depending on number of students). They sit at a table and are presented with a covered plate in front of them. (Some plates will contain gross foods and others will contain random sweets like Twinkies or candy, this will enable a student to take a change on passing if they don't think they can eat an item presented to them). Some passes will result in another gross food item; you have to mix it up. The leader asks a question (biblical questions, covering things that you've been studying, trivia, etc.). The student with the first correct answer uncovers his dish and then decides whether or not to eat it or pass. If he passes, he is stuck with the other dish. If they eat their dish, they get one point for their team. The team with the most points at the end, wins a prize (ice cream?). Any "gross" food item will work: sardines, rye bread, anchovies, canned Brussel sprouts, Limburger cheese, various baby foods, black liquorice, sushi, oysters, avocado, garlic, butter milk, unsweetened chocolate, tofu, durian fruit, pigs feet, blue cheese, pickled egg, clams, spinach hummus, locus beans, hot peppers, olives, braunswager, coconut milk, etc.

Roller Skating and Ice Skating: Check out the Chiller or Skate Zone 71.

Make-Your-Own Pizza Night: Adults can provide crust, sauce and cheese and have each student bring their own favorite topping.

Milkshake Night at Steak and Shake

Jeans Decorating Night: have the kids bring and old pair of jeans that they can do what they want with. Buy a few iron on patches, bring some permanent markers, and scissors and let them design their own new pair of jeans.

Creeking and a Camp Fire: Head up to the Xenos Campus to hike through up the creek. Bring flashlights, and a jar to catch small fish or snakes. If you reserve one of the fire rings, you can then have a camp fire for s'mores and hanging out.

Halo Party: Hook two or three video game systems together and let the mayhem proceed!

Cell Group Idol: Play the game just like it is done on American Idol.


Team Tag:
Round 1: Team A hides. Team B waits at base for 60 seconds with eyes closed. After 1 minute, Team B goes out hunting for Team A. Team B may not keep more than two people back to guard the base.
Each of Team A's making it back to base within the 10 minutes, without being tagged by Team B, scores a point for their team. Any player who gets tagged is out of the game. There is no jail.
The round is over after the 10 minute limit, so it's important for the offensive team to score before the 10 minute limit.
Round 2: Same rules but Team B gets to hide.

"Snowball" Fight: Fill segments of pantyhose with powdered sugar, tying them into baseball-sized packets and trimming the tied ends. Make five or so "snowballs" per participant. Divide into teams or try "free-for all" style. Each snowball is good for two or so throws before the powdered sugar is gone. Powdered sugar is better than flour because of 1) the gluten intolerant in the crowd, and 2) it's easier to wash out.

Night Rocket Launching: Take a bicycle pump, 6 foot of tubing, a rubber cork, and a long metal stake. Use duct tape to tape fins, flow in the dark necklace, and a straw to a two liter bottle. Place some water in the bottle; put the cork in with the tubing connected to the bicycle pump. Drive the metal stake in the ground and place the bottle on the stack through the straw. Pump hard and see the bottle rocket launch high into the air.

Local Sporting Events: Clippers, OSU baseball, OSU hockey, etc.

Vertical Adventures Rock Climbing Gym

Duct Tape Scavenger Hunt: Arrange a scavenger hunt where you have to collect everything on duct tape that's wrapped around your head (sticky part out). Note: Live insects or lizards and the like are particularly interesting for girls to collect.

Progressive Dinner: Arrange this with the parents and students before. Go from house to house eating different courses at each house -- salad, main course & desert as an example.

Spa Party: Present a teaching on serving then invite another cell group over to practice serving them with spa stations to rotate through including foot massage, pedicure, facial, hair, nails, etc.

Egg Catapult: Provide cut 2X4's, bungee cord, 2' by 2' square of plywood, a bunch of screws, screwdrivers and have the kids built the catapults. Take the catapults to Calumet ravine and launch eggs at a target.

Sock Wrestling: The object of this wrestling match is to get your opponents socks off before they remove yours.

Mini Golf: Either go to a miniature golf course or arrange a mini golf night at Xenos with Sarah.

Lumberjack/Paul Bunyan Night: Find one or two small trees you have permission to chop, preferably dead trees. Everyone dawns flannel, helps chop down a dead tree or two using manual saws, axes. Insure adequate lighting, chopping training, and supervision. Either make pancakes as a treat afterwards or go to a local breakfast place for your lumberjack evening breakfast.

Casino Night: Tell the students to bring pennies. Set up several games like Black Jack and High Low. You can even purchase McDonald's Coupons for raffle winners, the big winners, fastest loser etc... Then take the kids to McDonald's to spend their winnings.

Slam Dunk Contest: Rent or go to a facility where you can lower the basketball rim. Play a game or two and then hold a slam dunk contest. Video tape it and show it the next time you meet. It would be cool to put music over it like "Chariots of Fire" by Vangelis or the NBA songs.

Seasonal Ideas: Carve or paint pumpkins at Halloween (see Flaming Pumpkin activity as well), decorate Easter Eggs, make ornaments for a nursing home at Christmas. The Photo Scavenger Hunt can also be made into a seasonal activity.

Flaming Pumpkin Toss: Buy 3 pumpkins, have kids carve scary faces in them, fill them full of newspaper and light them. Have the kids blow down from the top and the flames shoot out the eyes, mouth and nose of the pumpkins. Then toss them while they are aflame into a fire pit. If you take pictures, it leaves a cool affect and memory!


Batting Cages, Go-Carts, Arcade Games at Magic Mountain or Grand Slam

Playground Games: Four square (Let the students explain all the new rules.), kickball, team tag (Everyone is it and when you are tagged you have to sit down. Last one standing wins.), dodgeball (Arrange for another group to join in and make it a tournament!), etc.

Frisbee Golf or Ultimate Frisbee: There is a frisbee golf course by the Scioto River.

Local Restaurants: Culvers, BW3's (Blazin' Wing Challenge!), Qdoba, McDonalds, KFC, Chipotle, Taco Bell, etc.

Soda Pop Tasting Contest: See if they really can tell the difference of Coke/Pepsi generics in a few categories. You can try Colas, Diet Colas (boys are not good at this), Mountain Dew and its generics, or even mix up the different types. You'll need to use unmarked containers, even the colored ring on the 2 liter top will give it away. For example: Have a preprinted score sheet with the different cups identified for the different type of pop you'll be using. Use small Dixie cups (all you need is the bathroom size since just tasting) marked with the sample number. Have them sit around a table trying each. Give them a point for each correctly identified pop to determine a winner. If have time could have the top 2 do an extra taste off of a mixed type. Have a small prize or just the honor of being the best taster for the winner. You could also do this with energy drinks or whatever is popular at the time.