Behind the Scenes Servants: Tim and Lindsey Tobin

by Chris DeVille

Considering all the time and effort Tim and Lindsey Tobin pour into ministry, you'd think it was their full-time job. God has grown the couple - lifelong friends who met in kindergarten at Calumet and recently celebrated three years of marriage - into a great example of radical commitment to God.

"Tim and Lindsey are the ideal co-leaders," says Bret McCallum, the Tobin's sphere leader and former co-leader. "They are super hardcore about the things of God."

The Tobins have been serving faithfully in the college ministry since graduating from Whetstone High School in 2008. They senior-lead a college home church together. Tim also senior leads a high school group, a ministry where Lindsey also served for half a decade. Lindsey currently disciples five young women; Tim works with four disciples and is planning to pick up another high school freshman this fall. Their discipleship ministry has been quality, not just quantity. They've each raised up two disciples into home church leadership.

One of those disciples is Peter Glynn, who currently leads alongside the Tobins in the college ministry. "Tim has been a loyal friend to me for many years," Peter says. "Even in my darkest and most selfish times, he stayed faithful to serving and loving me. He never gave up on me; he never stopped forgiving me and teaching me."

As for Lindsey, she's an "amazing evangelist, discipler and leader," says her former co-leader Gloria McCallum. Gloria cites Lindsey's diligent commitment and its results: leading many to Christ and raising up good leaders. "She is also teachable and sensitive to the Lord's leading and call in her life."

Sarah Meier, one of Lindsey's disciples who now co-leads with her, also cites her teachable nature as one of her best, most contagious qualities. "When she sees an area in herself that is offensive to God, she diligently and genuinely seeks change in that area, " Sarah says. "She is dedicated to seeing others have that same teachable attitude and is willing and eager to wade deep into their lives to help them find victory over and freedom from sin."

On top of their home church ministry, the Tobins use their professional careers to further the gospel. Tim, a middle school science teacher at Oakstone Academy, helps run an after-school Bible study that has seen multiple salvations. Peter notes that Tim "can make almost anything fun. He's been blessed with a great gift of humor and lightheartedness."

Lindsey, a graphic designer at Children's Hospital, regularly contributes her design skills to ministries including Fountain of Hope, Mercy Medical Center and the recent Xenos capital campaign. She's currently working on a logo for East End Church, the Pittsburgh church planted by domestic missionaries from Xenos. "I always had a burden for missions work, specifically poverty relief around the world, " Lindsey says. "I went into graphic design as a venue for promoting the work God is doing around the world."

Separately, Tim and Lindsey built thriving ministries, but joining their lives together has been especially beneficial. Lindsey praises her husband's "diplomatic, positive and visionary personality" while Tim says his wife is deeply empathetic and "a phenomenal practical servant. She thinks through the group in an awesome way." Sarah notices the value of their teamwork, "As a couple, they are such a powerful force for God. They are hospitable and welcome people into their home eagerly. They serve and love together and are an incredible example of what a marriage centered around God can do!"