How You Can Support XSI Anytime, Anywhere

One of the greatest ways to help this summer’s Xenos Summer Institute (XSI) succeed is to take part in the XSI Prayer Group, which starts this month. When you join, you’ll get weekly updates on all the ways God is working and on where His provision is needed.  

The group is open to Dwell home group members. To join, go to this link and clink on the link that says “asking to join the group.”

XSI organizers say the prayer group’s work is invaluable, supporting the speakers, staff, volunteers, attendees and event logistics. They say they regularly see God answer items that the prayer group has been praying for.

This summer’s XSI is July 13-15, with the theme of “Last Equals First.” Speakers include Dr. Crawford Loritts and Dr. Eric Mason. You can learn more about the event and register at