Dwell Offering Class on Unleashing the Word

Dwell is offering the class, "Unleashing the Word" this spring. Dwell Pastor John Ross is teaching the 4 week class, and shares with us more about it:

Why "unleashing" the word?

God's word is alive and powerful. It wants to work in the world to bring people to Jesus and in our hearts to make us more like him. Part of our job is to get in front of scripture and just let it do that wonderful work. 

Why this class? What's your burden?

A few years ago, I was struggling to connect with the word. Timothy Ward's book Words of Life challenged me. He writes, "God has so identified himself with his words that whatever someone does to God's words... they do directly to God himself." That was eye-opening, for sure. I want us to recognize all that God has poured into the pages of scripture: promises, wisdom, history, emotion, warnings.  

Who do you think would benefit the most from this class?

The class is designed to follow Getting Grounded, so new believers should benefit a lot from this material. But it could also be refreshing for older believers, especially parts about diving deeper into Bible study. 

You can sign up for this class at this link.