State of the Church Meeting Gives Big Picture

It’s almost time to come together for the annual State of the Church meeting, Friday, January 14th at 7:30 pm. The event gathers people from all ages and ministries to discuss the successes and challenges facing Dwell. Plan on setting aside this evening to see how God wants to engage you with the work He has for Dwell in 2022.

At the State of the Church meeting, Dwell elders will discuss the big picture, allowing people to see beyond their particular circle—the ministries and age groups—they travel in. The meeting started in the early 1980’s as a way to celebrate God’s work and see the road ahead more clearly. As in years past, the elders have been pondering trends and concerns, and those attending will get ideas for how they, and the home church they’re a part of, can contribute to improvement.

Because space is limited at the Main Auditorium, the State of the Church meeting will be simulcast to several venues. Most spheres are assigned to Main Campus, with the Sullivan, Trident, East Side and West Side spheres attending at the Dwell Warehouse location.

Operations and Administration Division Coordinator Steve Bauer says this year's State of the Church meeting carries some special importance because of the unique challenges Dwell and its members have faced in the last two years. "Through these challenges God has made Himself known, and we really want to share some things that God has shown us as we've made planning and budget decisions."

Every year church leaders participate in fall planning and budget retreats. Steve says, through this planning process, “God works us through the highlights of the last year and then where He wants to see us take new ground in the coming year, and beyond. This process, bathed in prayer and reflection, culminates with a message that’ll get shared with the church at the January meeting. In light of God’s great mercy, we will humbly share a vision of great hope for the Christ-focused work set before us.”

Another important churchwide meeting is the Vision and Stewardship meeting, which will be on February 4th this year.