An Easy Way To Help Send Thousands of Dollars into Ministry

Credit cards are part of everyday life, and so easy to use. But card use comes at a cost, and at Dwell, the cost of receiving money to the General Fund from credit cards adds up to $23,000 a year.

Operations Division Coordinator Steve Bauer asks you to consider this cost as you plan how to donate to Dwell this year. He says if everyone instead converted these donations to bank withdrawals or EFTs the cost would drop to less than $10,000--"If people made this simple change we could put over $13,000 to work on Christ-driven ministry in the church instead of paying credit card processors those fees."

You can set up a regular EFT donation for your pledged donation during the upcoming pledge drive next month. Or you can set it as a regularly paid bill from your bank account. Steve says they are also set up now to be able to take one-time donations as a bank withdrawal, rather than a credit card transaction.

Contact Alan Burkholder at if you have questions.