Parent Meeting for Incoming High-Schoolers

Soon 8th graders involved in Dwell's middle school ministry will be transitioning to high school groups. The high school ministry is planning a meeting with parents of 8th graders on Wednesday, March 15th at 7:00 pm at Dwell’s Warehouse location (600 Oakland Park Ave., 43214).

Kathryn Akers with Dwell’s High School ministry answers some questions about the evening: 

What is Parent's Night? What's the purpose?

The purpose is to provide parents of incoming freshmen with information about high school home churches. It also gives them an opportunity to meet one of our high school Central Teaching teachers, as well as home church leaders who serve all around our city.

How important are parents in your work with high schoolers?

Parents are a key part of their student's success in the high school ministry! When parents communicate support for their kids' spiritual growth by encouraging them to attend a home group regularly, they can invest deeply in their relationships with God and friends in their home group. With a support group like this, teenagers are set up to thrive!

What are some of the main things you want to communicate with parents at this meeting?

We want to share practical information about the high school ministry such as times/dates/locations, information about discipleship, etc. They will also hear a parent testimony which provides a parent's perspective on the high school ministry. We want to include parents in the transition process and provide reassurance that high school leaders are working together with parents to make their student's experience a positive one.

How can parents encourage their kids in this process? What role do they play in their kids successfully transitioning into a high school group?

Parents have a huge role in helping their 8th grade students make a successful transition! Parents can encourage their kids to step out of their comfort zone, make new friends, and go in with a positive attitude. Also, Epic summer camp is a great way to establish awesome friendships in a home church that will last throughout high school, so parents can encourage their kids to attend!

Can parents of kids not in Dwell attend? Yes, parents of kids not already in Dwell are welcome to attend and learn more about the high school ministry!

If you have any questions you can reach Kathryn at