Dwell Offers New Class on Ephesians

Dwell is offering a new class on the book of Ephesians, starting next Wednesday, February 8th. Ryan Weingartner is teaching the class and shares more about it:

What will the class cover? What approach are you taking to the book of Ephesians?

We'll cover the big themes of the letter and then walk slowly verse by verse through the letter to see how each verse ties to those themes. I hope to miss neither the forest nor the trees. The class will be mainly lecture with opportunities for questions and disagreements. 

What does the book of Ephesians offer to Christians? Why study it?

The daily Christian life can feel overwhelming until we pull back the curtain and see the church as the display of the manifold wisdom of God, hidden as a mystery for ages, but now at the fullness of times revealed through Christ. Ephesians draws us right into the heavenlies, giving us confidence to walk with God through everything life throws at us. 

Some might be intimidated by a deep dive into a Bible book. How are you making it approachable?

I am also intimidated by this book. We can't understand everything, but as we work through this rich letter as a class, I'm certain we will all learn a lot. Ephesians will be approachable because we will go quite slowly, especially for the first half of the letter. 

Can you give us a nugget from the book of Ephesians as a sample of what it offers?

The phrase "in the heavenlies" occurs only in Ephesians and it's there five times (1:3, 1:20, 2:6, 3:10, and 6:12). This really is a letter that takes us out of this world, and right into the spiritual realm. At the same time, it's extremely practical with the second half of the letter being neatly divided into sections that teach us how to "walk" according to the calling with which we've been called.

You can learn more and register for the class at dwellcc.org/classes.