Dwell Plans New Extra-Local Church Plants

Dwell elders have announced plans to plant two churches that will operate independently from Dwell–one east of Columbus and one in Orlando, Florida. Please pray for these ventures, and consider donating to a special church planting fund set up to help move these plans along. 

The venture east of Columbus takes advantage of ground that Joe and Erin McCallum have been working for several years in several towns, including Newark, Johnstown, and Pataskala. Dwell Elder Conrad Hilario says the area presents exciting opportunities with OSU-Newark and Denison University there and the new Intel factory in Johnstown.

Dwell is also planning to send a team to Orlando, Florida, led by Dwell pastor Josh Benadum and his wife Meri. Conrad says there are 2 large colleges there that are currently not being engaged with the gospel much–UCF & Valencia Community College–as well as a growing city beyond the college community. He says God has provided Dwell with many contacts and open doors for ministry there.

We’ll have more details in the coming weeks and months as these plans develop.