Arco Church, Ecuador

Our Global Partner, Arco Church, is committed to evangelism, equipping, serving the poor, and building a vital student movement. Arco has had great success at extra-local church planting, with 17 churches in 16 different cities in 4 countries, each of which has a network of house churches. 

Dwell's partnership with Arco focuses on El Oro province, working in the cities of Santa Rosa, Huaquillas, and Camilo Ponce Enriquez. We provide financial support to the churches in these three cities and support church planters and indigenous workers as they work to reach the lost, develop leaders, and serve the poor in their communities. We also work with Arco each year to facilitate short-term trips that provide medical clinics to help grow the reach of the local church.

Santa Rosa - Arco Santa Rosa has planted several house churches and has a partnership with Compassion International to serve local needy children. Arco has placed Alfonso Beltran, an apostolically gifted leader, and experienced church planter, in Santa Rosa to oversee this church.

Huaquillas - Arco Church in Huaquillas has a growing number of house churches and also serves local youth with Compassion International. They also serve their community through "Casas de Dios," or "God's Houses," where houses are built for those in most need. 

Camilo Ponce Enriquez - Arco Church sent Johnny and his family in 2017 to help start the church in Ponce. Now there are several home churches, a youth group, and a larger Sunday morning meeting. Arco church is becoming a respected fixture in this community and they have done a lot to support their neighbors.


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