Burkina Faso

Our Global Partner in Burkina Faso is Kingdom Investments International (KII). KII seeks to advance the Gospel in Burkina Faso and beyond through a network of house churches and strategic community development. 

Burkina Faso is consistently listed in the top 5 most impoverished countries globally, and 23.3% of the population is unreached. Coupling community development with church planting allows KII to meet physical needs and plant seeds of the Gospel throughout hostile and unreached parts of the country.

KII was founded in 2008 and practiced a more traditional church model. Starting in 2019, they began to transition their smaller prayer groups into house churches- they have already transformed over 100 groups into house churches. Now, with a network of churches representing 54 ethnic groups, KII aspires to train, equip and mobilize pastors to plant house churches throughout the region. Their goal is to plant at least one house church in each of the 8,000 villages in Burkina Faso.


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