Middle School Ministry

Welcome to Dwell Middle School Ministry

The Middle School Ministry is a community of students from all over Columbus who meet together for Bible studies, prayer, and fun. This ministry hosts several different types of meetings during the week. They range from smaller "cell groups" to larger "home churches." Groups are formed based on gender, grade, and school districts. Also, many of our students enjoy our largest meeting, Middle School Central Teaching (MS CT), which runs every other Tuesday evening.

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If you would like to get your son or daughter involved, please contact us at middleschool@dwellcc.org!

Middle School CT

MS CT is by far our LARGEST meeting with over 75 students who get to hear an interesting and fun Bible teaching while hanging out friends!

Experience the MS CT every other Tuesday from 6:00-8:30 pm at Calumet Gym. After the teaching, students mess around, play fun games, socialize and eat snacks!

The teaching starts at 7:15 and drop off is from 6-7 pm while pick up is from 8-8:30 pm.

During Adult Central Teachings Middle School Students Enjoy...

  • JAM. This smaller group meets during the 10:00 am Adult Central Teachings at Main Campus (1390 Community Park Dr.) This meeting gives middle schoolers something to do while their parents enjoy their own teaching. JAM gathers at Building X (1290 Community Park Dr.) You can drop your student off before the Adult Central Teaching starts. Students will walk back from this venue to the Café and Auditorium to meet up with their parents afterwards.
  • WAM. WAM meets during the 10:00 am Adult Central Teaching at the Warehouse (600 E. Oakland Park, Columbus, Ohio, 43214). The students meet in the gym across the street. As with JAM, parents will enjoy their own teaching while students get to enjoy theirs! Students will walk back from the gym to meet up with their parents afterwards. Ask at the welcome booth if you're unable to find the space!