TNT Curriculum

2021-2022 Program Year

DateLesson Title Link
6/6/21Attributes of God: IntroductionAttributes
6/13/21Attributes of God: LovingAttributes
6/20/21Attributes of God: JustAttributes
6/27/21Attributes of God: UnchangingAttributes
7/4/21Attributes of God: All-KnowingAttributes
7/11/21Attributes of God: In ChargeAttributes
7/18/21Attributes of God: PerfectAttributes
7/25/21Attributes of God: Needs Nothing Attributes
8/1/21Reactions to Jesus IntroductionReactions
8/8/21Matthew the Tax CollectorReactions
8/15/21The PhariseesReactions
8/22/21Thomas the DiscipleReactions
8/29/21The Rich Young RulerReactions
9/5/21The Leper Reactions
9/19/21Andrew Reactions
9/26/21Missions: What is a Missionary? Missions
10/3/21Missions: How can I help in God's Mission?Missions
10/10/21Serving Love: What is Serving Love?Serving
10/17/21Serving Love: Serving with humilityServing
10/24/21Serving Love: Sacrificial Service (Giving things up)Serving
10/31/21Serving Love: Serving with CompassionServing
11/7/21Hard Questions: Does God exist?Questions
11/14/21Hard Questions: Is the Bible true?Questions
11/21/21Hard Questions: What does God think about me?Questions
11/28/21Hard Questions: Why do bad things happen?Questions
12/5/21Hard Questions: Does God answer my prayers?Questions
12/12/21Hard Questions: Did Jesus really rise from the dead?Questions
12/19/21The Beginning and the End: How did God create the world?B and E
12/26/21No CT- Merry Christmas!
1/2/22The Beginning and the End: The end of the worldB and E
1/9/22Life after Death: Views of the AfterlifeHeaven
1/16/22Life after Death: What will Heaven be like?Heaven 
1/23/22Philippians: Paul's joyPhilippians
1/30/22Philippians: Paul's chainsPhilippians
2/6/22Philippians: Don't be a braggerPhilippians
2/13/22Philippians: Shine brightly for ChristPhilippians
2/20/22Philippians: Knowing Christ > EverythingPhilippians
2/27/22Philippians: Press on toward the goalPhilippians
3/6/22Philippians: What to do with worryPhilippians
3/13/22Philippians: Happy with what you havePhilippians 
3/20/22Self Image: AcceptedSelf Image
3/27/22Self Image: ImportantSelf Image  
4/3/22Self Image: SafeSelf Image  
4/10/22The Bible: Why Should I Read the Bible?Bible
4/17/22The Bible: What Is the Old Testament?Bible
4/24/22The Bible: What Is the New Testament?Bible
5/1/22Daniel: Taken CaptiveDaniel
5/8/22Daniel: The King's DreamDaniel
5/15/22Daniel: The Fiery FurnaceDaniel
5/22/22Daniel: The Lion's DenDaniel  
5/29/22Last Day Party!