Never Alone Ministry

This ministry is to help substance abusers discover and experience the hope for change that God offers. Our mission is to help people gain a biblical footing for addiction recovery through Bible study, prayer, sharing experiences, and building relationships with people who can help through the change. We also want to help people find long term success through spiritual growth and loving others.

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for 3 forms of help:

  1. Home churches or individuals who would volunteer to bring food once every 2 months.
  2. Individuals who are willing to pick up people from different programs and bring them to the meeting and drive them home.
  3. People who are willing to mentor people with whom they have developed a relationship. We believe this is key to staying clean and becoming the person God has planned for you to be.


Friday meetings at 6:30pm.  Including food.


Ron Verrilla or Jenny Johnson
Ron: 614-905-1122, Jenny: 614-668-2751