July 12 Friday, 3:45pm

Testing World Views

Jim Leffel

Main Campus Auditorium

Sharing the Hope: Undestanding Islam Part 3

Fouad Masri


Fighting for Joy in the Crucible for Ministry

Todd Stewart

Room 200

Movies, Video Games, Songs and Apologetics

Dónal O'Mathúna

Building X

The Problem of Evil

James Rochford

Room 204/206

Leading Home Group Evangelism

Doug Patch

Room 205/207

The Real Jesus Part 2

Jenny Hale

Room 208

Balancing Family and Ministry

Patrice McCormac

Room 210

Unpacking the Message of Hope Part 2

Gilbert Lennox

Cafe Upper Classroom

Changing Cultures--Timeless Principles for Sharing your Faith

Jeff Wilcox

Office Auditorium

Worldview and Evangelism

Josh Benadum

Room 209

The Writings of CS Lewis

Mark Bair

Room 201