July 12 Friday, 10:30am

Opening the Door to Divine Encounters

Rich Mendola

Main Campus Auditorium

Sharing the Hope: Undestanding Islam Part 1

Fouad Masri


A Death Prolonged

Jeff Gordon

Room 200

Parenting Porn Free Kids

Brian Gardner

Room 201

Defending God's Design for Sexuality

Bev DeLashmutt

Room 204/206

Keeping Your Spiritual Edge

John Cleary

Room 205/207

The Real Jesus Part 1

Jenny Hale

Room 208

Changing Cultures--Timeless Principles for Sharing your Faith

Jeff Wilcox

Room 209

Bible Story Telling Part 1

Ray Neu

Room 210

Unpacking the Message of Hope in 1 Peter Part 1

Gilbert Lennox

Cafe Upper Classroom

Persuasive Preaching

Scott Risley

Office Auditorium

Realism without Cynicism

Mark Bair

Building X