July 11 Thursday, 3:45pm

Is Reason Reasonable without God?

Dennis McCallum

Main Campus Auditorium

God Space: Where Apologetics Happen Naturally

Doug Pollock


Fighting for Joy in the Crucible for Ministry

Todd Stewart

Room 200

Apologetics in the City - Cancelled

Scott Arnold

Room 201

Balancing Family and Ministry

Patrice McCormac

Room 204/206

Cross Cultural Ministry

Rich Mendola

Room 205/207

Keeping your Spiritual Edge

John Cleary

Room 208

Deuteronomy: Seeing God's Heart in the Old Testament

Cathy Treyens

Room 210

Realism without Cynicism

Mark Bair

Cafe Upper Classroom

Unpacking the Message of Hope Part 2

Gilbert Lennox

Office Auditorium

Abide in Christ: Refining our Motives for Ministry

Jeff Gordon

Office Classroom


John Lennox

Building X