July 11 Thursday, 2:00pm

Attracting Seekers not Shoppers

Bruxy Cavey

Main Campus Auditorium

The "Jesus" Test

Doug Pollock


Alll Quiet in the Western Church

Craig McElvain

Room 200

Apologetics in the City -Cancelled

Scott Arnold

Room 201

The Real Jesus Part 2

Jenny Hale

Room 204/206

Opening the Door to Divine Encounters

Rich Mendola

Room 205/207

Sexual Sin and Grace

Brian Gardner

Room 208

Bible Story Telling Part 2

Ray Neu

Room 210

Second Tier Skills of Really Good Leaders

Jay Firebaugh

Cafe Upper Classroom

Studying the Bible with your Disciple

Nick Hetrick

Office Auditorium

A Death Prolonged

Jeff Gordon

Office Classroom

The Problem of Evil

James Rochford

Building X