Summer Institute FAQs

  1. Does the Summer Institute provide childcare?
    • Unfortunately, we cannot provide childcare. Due to the size of the Summer Institute (over 4,000 people), all the space in our facilities is used for breakout sessions. However, we have a small room available where parents can supervise infants and toddlers.
    • We request that strollers be used outside only.
  2. Do I need to sign up for breakout sessions?
    • To limit overcrowding and provide a healthy, safe and more comfortable conference experience, we ask that attendees pre-register for breakout sessions. Breakout Session registration ends July 11, 2022 or when seating capacity is full.
  3. Is there a discount?
    • There is an online pre-registration discount of $10. If you choose walk-in registration, there is a $10 price increase.
  4. If I am only attending part of the conference, do I have to pay for the whole thing?
    • Yes. Because of the size of this conference, we can't offer customized pricing. Plus, our conference is much more affordable than other conferences with the same speakers!
  5. Is there walk-in registration available at the conference?
    • There is walk-in registration available in the lobby of our Main Campus facility. However, we suggest that you pre-register online to avoid the hassle of waiting in lines.
    • Pre-registration ends July 11, 2022.
  6. What does the Summer Institute do with my email address?
    • We do not sell your email address. Rather, we use your email address to update you on the most current conference information. You will get a monthly newsletter from January to March and a bi-weekly newsletter from April to July about plenary speakers, workshop teachers, conference schedules, current discounts, hotel options, and more!
  7. How did the Summer Institute begin?
    • The Xenos Summer Institute began in 1996. That year the multi-authored book, The Death of Truth was published. The Institute and the book were the culmination of a couple of years of research, writing and speaking by a team of Dwell Community Church apologists on the relationship of Christian witness to the emerging postmodern consensus primarily in the university community.
    • The Xenos Summer Institute was originally a nine-day apologetics conference, patterned after Trinity's "Week in the Word," a summer program for intensive Bible study. The Institute brought together experts in various aspects of Christian witness with our own leaders to equip the church for the task of evangelism and discipleship in a rapidly changing culture.
    • Since those early days, the Institute has been pared down to a three-day conference and the original vision has been widened beyond apologetics to include a range of issues surrounding the church and its mission.
    • Over the years, the Summer Institute has accomplished two things. First, it has provided an opportunity for us here at Dwell to share our vision for home church ministry. That has stimulated lively and productive interaction with church groups and missions around the world. We are thankful for those growing relationships. Second, the Summer Institute has brought the very best thinkers in the Christian world to our church. These scholars and cutting-edge practitioners have been a source of encouragement and instruction for us and we are grateful for their contribution to our ministry.
    • The Summer Institute has become a vital part of our community life. It reflects both our deep commitment to an informed, intellectual understanding of the Christian message to secular culture, and our passion for a rich, authentic biblical community in which these truths are lived out. Inviting like-minded Christians from around town and around the world into this conversation has been a great blessing to us here at Dwell Community Church. 

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