Lodging & Directions

REcommended Lodging for the Xenos Summer Institute

Hampton Inn & Suites

8411 Pulsar Place Columbus, OH 43240 | 614-885-8400
*4 miles from Dwell Community Church/XSI

Hampton Inn & Suites Polaris has easy access to I-270 and I-71 and is located near popular restaurants. To make a reservation and read about what the Hampton Inn & Suites has to offer, visit its website or call 614-885-8400. The summer months are busy and it is recommended you make your reservations early.

What is a Home-stay?

A home-stay is a way for people from our church to show hospitality to guests who are attending the Xenos Summer Institute. Families open up their homes to out-of-town guests to stay for free! If you are interested in a home-stay just click the button below!


Dwell Community Church  
1390 Community Park Dr.
Columbus, Ohio 43229
(614) 823-6500