Other classes

These classes are offered periodically. Outlines, audio, handouts and other materials can be found at the links below.


21st Century Parenting. Biblical wisdom for modern parents who want to raise happy, spiritual families amid daunting challenges from naturalism and postmodernism

Christian Growth. An in-depth study of how believers mature in the context of Christian community. En Espanol

Hermeneutics. A highly interactive course on methods of biblical interpretation and inductive approaches to historical narrative, wisdom literature, prophets, gospels and epistles

Homiletics Workshop. The course covers keys to composing outlines and dynamic speaking, with several weeks dedicated to teaching prep, delivery and feedback

Leadership Principles from the Pastoral Epistles. Find lessons from these important letters to help you and others excel at sacrificial, transformational leadership

Men in Marriage. Practical and biblical advice for husbands who want to succeed but find themselves unmotivated or confused. Open to married and single men

Old Testament Theology. This five-week class focuses on four themes, including God’s grace, purpose and revelation

Survey of the Bible. A broad overview of the Bible and the tools needed to read, understand and obey it

Teaching Through Group Discussion. A primer for leading discussion in small home Bible studies. Includes group workshops.

Women in Marriage. A four-week course for women looking to improve their marriages by exploring topics such as sex and forgiveness

The Word was with God and the Word was God: A Course on Christology. A deep dive deep into the person, character and work of Jesus Christ before, during and after the Incarnation


Pentateuch. Covers the foundation of scripture with a focus on authorship, historicity and interpreting passages that confuse or scandalize (post)modern readers

The Kings of Israel. An exploration of these somewhat neglected books and themes of God’s sovereignty, human depravity and God’s eternal plan of salvation through the Davidic Messiah

Psalms. Come hear God speak through the Hebrew poets in this enlightening and challenging study of the Bible’s prayer book

Isaiah. An engaging and uplifting study of critical issues (authorship, dating) and deep theological themes (prophecy, judgment, salvation)

Ezekiel. A guided study to give students practice interpreting prophetic material inductively and to consider relevant issues (historic context, authorship, major themes)

Minor Prophets. A five-week survey of the history and message of Hosea through Malachi


Synoptic Gospels. A look at the earliest narrative records of Jesus’ ministry and teaching. Studies examine their relationship to one another as well as their distinctive styles

John. This gospel stands out in style, historical content and theology. This class will investigate the central character, Jesus of Nazareth, alongside questions of historicity, dating and authorship


These courses are no longer offered, but students can access their material at the links below. 

Basic Christianity. An introduction to foundational beliefs

Introduction to the Bible. A survey of basics about the Bible and how to interpret

Christian Principles 1. Detailed instructions and guidance about the foundations of spiritual growth

Christian Principles 2. Detailed instructions and guidance about the dynamics of spiritual growth

Christian Principles 3. Detailed instructions and guidance about the provision for spiritual growth

Christian Principles 4. Detailed instructions and guidance about the challenges of spiritual growth

Christian Servanthood 1. Specialized training for those who seek to excel at Christian service, part 1

Christian Servanthood 2Specialized training for those who seek to excel at Christian service, part 2

Christian Ministry 1. Covers theology proper, soteriology, satanology and eschatology

Christian Ministry 2. Covers biblical inspiration, principles of biblical interpretation and biblical genres

Christian Ministry 3. Covers loving people around the world, the poor and people inside and outside the church, as well as expressing love through financial generosity

Christian Leadership 1. This course teaches ecclesiology and Dwell's philosophy of ministry, along with practical theology in various areas.

Christian Leadership 3. Teaches leadership skills, including motivating others in grace, cooperation with other leaders in the church and ministry planning.

Curso Doctrina Cristiana Básica