Elective Courses

21st Century Parenting - New parents in the 21st century face a daunting and confusing array of challenges to raising a godly family. The culture is growing more dogmatic about parenting theories based on naturalism and postmodernism. Children face a consensus among their peers that explicitly rejects the Christian worldview. Future marriage and family success becomes every year less likely for today's kids. This course will address these challenges with wisdom from the Word of God and the experience of older parents.

Hermeneutics - Hermeneutics is a highly interactive course designed to teach the methods of biblical interpretation. This 10 week class will explain and apply user-friendly inductive approaches to historical narrative, wisdom literature, prophets, gospels, and epistles. Particular emphasis is given to applying inductive study to teaching and discussion leading. The class is designed for people involved in teaching and leadership ministries and requires membership on the Servant Team. Course materials are designed to be easily adapted to individual and small group study. Participants complete a workbook on inductive biblical interpretation.

Homiletics (Bible Teaching) Workshop - In the first two weeks of this five-week workshop, the instructor focuses on how to compose a teaching outline and explore keys to dynamic and authoritative speaking. During the last three weeks, students present at least two ten-minute teachings and receive feedback from the instructor, teacher assistants, and other participants. The speeches are recorded on video tape for self-criticism.

Leadership Principles from the Pastoral Epistles - The Apostle Paul wrote the Pastoral Epistles specifically to help leaders become transformational leaders – leaders (and workers) who are continually growing in God’s grace and leading others to do the same.  If that is your desire, God can use this class to strengthen you and others through you.

Men in MarriageMen want to be successful husbands but often find themselves unmotivated or confused about how to do well with this very important relationship. There are a few principles that if understood and practiced can help a great deal. This class is designed for married men; however, single men are welcome.

Old Testament Theology - This is a five week class focusing on four crucial themes: how we can know God through the Scriptures; the thematic unity of the Old Testament; the uniqueness and grace of God; and God’s purpose in history—the nature and meaning of salvation.

Teaching Through Group Discussion - At Dwell, we like the idea of guided discussion in our home groups and cell groups. Guided discussion usually involves short sections of lecture to set up a topic or passage with discussion in between. We find that leaders who may not be highly gifted public speakers can still successfully lead group discussion by releasing the gifting of the whole group. This five week class is based on a textbook by Joseph Lowman, Mastering the Techniques of Teaching (Second Edition), (San Francisco, Josey-Bass Inc., Publishers, 1995). In addition to lecture, the class involves small group workshops each week.

Women in MarriageCan marriage work in the 21st century? What would a good marriage look like? Could the Bible, written thousands of years ago, possibly have anything relevant to say about this issue? This four week course will consider what we can do as women to improve our marriages. We will explore such topics as sex, forgiveness, how to create an environment of acceptance and many more.

The Word was with God and the Word was God: A Course on Christology Many of us possess enough information about Jesus Christ to state or affirm certain basic doctrines: his membership in the trinity, his incarnation and sacrifice, etc.  In spite of this, Jesus remains a somewhat opaque figure in our minds.  This course will dive deep into the person, character and work of Jesus Christ as revealed in Scripture during these distinct periods: (i) his pre-incarnate activity as the Word, (ii) his incarnation and earthly ministry, (iii) his present place at God’s right hand and (iv) his work in the last days.  Students will walk away with not only with more concrete doctrinal understanding but also with a greater heart of praise at the gloriousness of the triune God.