Spring 2022 Session 2 Classes

Does God Exist? Three Lines of Evidence

a 3-week class with James Rochford

Can we really know if God is real? Or is belief in God just a matter of wishful thinking? Come explore this subject with author and instructor James Rochford as he shares three lines of evidence for the existence of God: (1) the origin of the universe, (2) the fine-tuning of the universe, and (3) the origin of life. This class is open to committed Christians, doubters, spiritual seekers, or skeptics.

Wednesdays nights, 7 – 9:30 pm

May 25 - June 8

$35/standard or $9/reduced

Leading Passive Men

a 4-week class with Doug O'Malley

A growing trend in our society is for men to be passive, specifically with initiating love with others. Christians are not exceptions to this. Passivity in relationships can become a puzzling hindrance to leading a marriage, leading a disciple, leading a home church, or initiating within a friendship. This class will examine how to effectively lead men struggling with passivity.

Wednesday nights, 7 – 9 pm

May 4 - June 1

$40/standard or $12/reduced

Body Stewardship for Women

a 6-week class with Abbey Merker & Carrie Walker

How do we take care of the bodies God gave us? How do we view exercise and eating? What is a healthy body image? In this 6-week class and small group discussion, we will seek the biblical perspective on these questions. The goal is increased freedom from food addictions and body image obsession so that we are better equipped to do God's work.

Wednesday nights, 7 - 9 pm

March 30 - April 27

$52/standard or $18/reduced

Helping Others Navigate Grief & Loss

a 4-week class with John Montgomery

Grief can result from death, divorce, past trauma, unemployment, loss of friendship, etc. So part of helping others involves supporting them in times of grief. But have you ever felt confused about how to help a friend who has experienced a loss? Do you have a hard time sensing whether it’s time to move in close with deep questions or whether it’s time to create a normal atmosphere with friendly banter? Too often, we shy away or remain silent out of fear of saying or doing the wrong thing. This class will go in-depth into how to minister to those who are grieving a loss, how to ask appropriate questions, and where to draw appropriate boundaries. Note: This course is designed to help an individual learn to support a grieving person, not find support for themselves.

Wednesday nights, 7 - 9:30 pm

May 25 - June 15

$40/standard or $12/reduced

Always Being Ready: A Primer on Defending Your Faith

a 4-week class with John Ross

The ideas of Jesus and the people who follow them are under heavy fire, and the Bible calls us to ready a gentle, firm answer to skeptics and critics. This four-week class open to all will give students some material to combat what people say against God, Jesus, the Bible, and the church.

Wednesday nights, 7 - 8:15 pm

May 25 - June 15

$40/standard or $12/reduced