Core Courses

Survey of the Bible - This course gives students a broad overview the Bible and the tools they need to read, understand, and obey the word of God. (5 two-hour sessions)

Christian Growth - Christian Growth is an in-depth study of how Christians mature spiritually in the context of Christian community. Textbooks are Dennis McCallum’s book Walking in Victory. (10 two-hour, 15-minute sessions)

Crecimiento Cristiano - Crecimiento Cristiano es un estudio detallado y profundo sobre como el creyente madura espiritualmente en el contexto de la comunidad cristiana. Es una clase de 9 semanas que abarca varios temas cada semana.

Leadership Training Class 1-6 - A 6-part leadership course. This class is by invitation only. If you are interested in attending this class, contact your home church leader to be entered into the class.